Frequently Asked Questions

Renter Questions

No, there are no seat belts and also it doesn’t have enough power to run the A/C.

No worries! We will do a complete walk through of the unit both inside and out before you leave our lot. Also we will help you hook up your tow vehicle to the camper with great demonstration. Also please feel free to ask questions at any point before pick up or during pickup. We are here to make sure you and your loved one have a great first time experience. Also you will be given the rental managers personal phone number in case concerns or questions arise during your trip.

If you are dry camping you will need a 3,000 watt or greater in order to run the A/C.

Yes, we do offer delivery which also includes set up. Prices may vary depending upon distance.

Yes, at Camper Clinic 2 we know that your pets are an important part of your family. Pets are welcomed as long as they are pre-approved and the conditions in our Pet Addendum are followed (see Pet Addendum). Some additional fees and refundable deposit (as long as no damage is found) is required.

A brake control is an electric brake system that is installed in the towing vehicle to connect to the trailer and assist in braking during travel. It is a small, black box with a sensitivity dial, usually located around the drivers side. It is not typically included with a tow package and is usually an aftermarket item. Although in some of the newer trucks they are sometimes prebuilt in. As per Texas Law, it is mandatory to have a brake control installed in your vehicle if towing a Trailer with a GVRW 4,500 or more. If you do not have one and desire to purchase one, the part can be purchased and installed in our service department. If this is not an option for you, please feel free to ask about delivery.

Yes, all of our units except for the Palomini 180FB are required to have a break controller. Anything over 4,500 GVRW (Max weight) is required to have a break controller under Texas state law. Also this is required for you and your loved ones safety.

No, all of our rental units are strictly smoke-free.