Why RV Rental?

Renting enables you to try various types of RVs and learn from actual experience which one best suits your particular needs. Or, perhaps you already know and enjoy the RV lifestyle but aren’t ready to own. Ask us about our Rental Purchase reimbursement plan?
Of course, many people rent RVs simply for the fun, freedom, and flexibility. RVs make being away from home simple and convenient. RV rental can represent a significant savings over motel or hotel room prices and food when planning a family vacation. It’s also easier to take your favorite toys along with you in an RV.

What to Rent?

We are exclusively renting current model Freedom Express travel trailers (1 to 2 model years old).
All of our RV rentals offer the convenience and economical benefits of home cooking. Whether you choose to take the RV across the United States on an excursion, or just a few miles down the road to visit friends–RVing is an economical and enjoyable vacation alternative.
We do not have rent Motorhomes or Pop ups at this time. However, check back with us frequently as we are always updating our RV Rental department.

Before You Rent..

Our qualified staff will fully instruct you in the operation of our RVs. Even if you’re towing an RV for the first time, we will help even the inexperienced drivers understand the difference in size, height and weights.
Make sure you have a valid driver’s license and can prove your age. Must be 25 or older. Check with your car insurance carrier to see if your RV rental is covered under your current policy. If you are towing the rental travel trailer, please make sure a brake controller is installed in your tow vehicle. If this is not possible for you, we also offer delivery.


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